Cheer Jam - Enteignen is a movement

13:00 | Uferstudios, Wedding, Studio 11

NEXT JAM Saturday 2nd of December
🤸🏽‍♂️Cheer`n´ Breaking💥

Every first Saturday of the month we gather for moving and creating.  With aggressive positivity and care we put the social AND the movement into social movement! Each time we have a guest practice with us!

👉🏼 Next Cheer Jam: Saturday, 2nd December our cheer practice we will host a special Breaking (aka Breakdance) session by Saman. Saman has been breaking for 25 years. The steps and moves will be very easy, fun and accessible for everyone!  ;)

Enteingen is a movement // Enteignen is a battle! Come fight, move and jam with us!

No previous knowledge necessary. Everybody's welcome ✨

📍Uferstudios, Wedding, Studio 11
🗓2nd of December 
☎️contact @bert2C in case you get lost or need anything for the session!