We demand

We demand that the Berlin Senate enact all measures necessary to transfer real estate to public ownership:


Private profit-oriented real estate companies that own more than 3,000 apartments in Berlin will be expropriated in accordance with Article 15 of the Basic Law in order to transfer their holdings to common ownership. Cooperatives are not to be expropriated.


The affected companies are compensated well below market value.

Public administration

A public-law institution (AöR) is created to manage the holdings. Its articles of association stipulate that the AöR's holdings may not be privatized.

Democratic participation

In the AöR, the stocks that have been transferred to public ownership are managed with the democratic participation of the city community, tenants, employees and the Senate.

About Us

We are Berlin's tenants and we've had enough with the rent madness! That's why we are fighting back.

We have had enough of financing shareholder profits with our excessive rents.

Together with 59% of Berliners, we stand for a livable city for all. We stand against profit-oriented housing companies.

We are numerous activists. We have 14 neighborhood teams, 6 working groups and countless chat groups.

Together we want to decide how our city develops. So that Berlin remains our home!

Our Structures

Over years of working together, we have established a diverse structure of activists. Together we fight for an affordable and livable Berlin. 
Join us and be part of making history in Berlin!

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Together with thousands of active Berliners, we are fighting against the big profit-oriented housing corporations. We're building neighborhood initiatives, distributing flyers, writing brochures and laws and taking to the streets together.

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Plenary Session

We are a grassroots democratic initiative. This means we make all decisions together at our bi-weekly plenary meeting.

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Having 14 neighborhood teams means you can find us in your area, organizing actions and celebrations on your doorstep.

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Working Groups

We are organized in working groups that focus on everything from founding tenant initiatives, to writing legal texts, to preparing press conferences, to organizing demos...